Is Your Sprinkler Doing More Harm Than Good?

Find professional irrigation system repair services in Visalia & Fresno, CA

Kids can trample sprinkler heads, tree roots can crack irrigation pipes and yard waste can clog nozzles. Whatever caused your sprinkler system problem, River Rock Landscaping has the solution. We offer reliable sprinkler repair services in the Fresno & Visalia, CA area.

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Talk to the sprinkler repair pros today

Talk to the sprinkler repair pros today

Is your irrigation system leaving puddles in your yard? Did you come home one day to find a water fountain where your sprinkler head used to be? Putting off sprinkler repair work could lead to:

  • Outrageous water bills: Even small leaks can waste hundreds of gallons.
  • Irreparable lawn damage: Oversaturation can kill your grass, requiring sod replacement or reseeding.
  • A chain reaction: When one part of your sprinkler system fails, it affects other areas, too.

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